Semih’s Research Stay at Science Po Paris

Thanks to a research grant from CÉRIUM-FMSH Chair on Global Governance, Semih Cakir completed a research stay between May and July at the Centre de recherches politiques de Sciences Po (CEVIPOF) in Paris under the supervision of Romain Lachat. During his stay, Semih worked on his second paper of his doctoral dissertation in which he analyzes the impact of elite polarization on mass ideological and affective polarization. He presented his first draft at European Political Science Association (EPSA) annual conference in June, Prague. Furthermore, Semih had the opportunity to participate in the first workshop “Affective Polarization: A Challenge for Electoral Democracy?” organized by CÉRIUM-FMSH Chair on Global Governance in May, Paris, where he got the opportunity to meet with international scholars who work in the field of political polarization. This research stay was also an excellent opportunity for Semih to develop his skills as a gourmet in French pastry and patisserie. 

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