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Electoral Chairs’ Seminars – November 22th

Where You Grow Up Shapes Your Political Behavior: Evidence from Childhood Moves Vincent Pons – Havard Business School; Jacob Brown, Enrico Cantoni, Sahil Chinoy, and Martin Koenen Does the neighborhood where an individual grew up have a persistent effect on their political identity and voting behavior in adult life? To answer this question, we track […] Read more

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COVID-19 project: Citizens’ attitudes

The project The Chair currently participates in a large-scale comparative project to study citizens’ attitudes under the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this project, panel surveys are fielded in a number of different countries, with a focus on measuring citizens’ political attitudes and their evaluations of how governments are dealing with the crisis. Together with […] Read more

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2019 Canadian Federal Election – Forecasts for the Incumbent Party

THE CANADA ELECTION NOWCASTER  ———————————————————————————- FINAL FORECAST FOR: OCTOBER 2019 (41.23%) ———————————————————————————– Post-election update: The 2019 election has proven to be quite harsh for the model, producing its second highest error (around eight percentage points) over the 1953-2019 period. Although I will look more deeply into this in the coming weeks, the SNC-Lavalin scandal and […] Read more

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Brève réflexion sur les résultats de l’élection québécoise de 2018 : deux victoires et une défaite et demie

par Philippe Mongrain À la veille de l’élection québécoise du 1er octobre 2018, la plupart des sondages et des projections laissaient croire à la formation d’un gouvernement caquiste ou libéral minoritaire (voir L’élection québécoise de 2018). Or, le parti de François Legault a rapidement distancé ses adversaires.   Sur bien des plans, l’élection de 2018 […] Read more