2022 Impact Awards—Talent Award winner: Semra Sevi

Semra Sevi received the annual Impact Awards that recognize the highest achievements in SSHRC-funded research, knowledge mobilization and scholarship, notably for her PhD dissertation: What Voters Want: Identifying Voter Preferences for Candidates. She also collected and published the biggest dataset regarding Canadian historical candidate at the federal level, but also provincial level in Ontario. Her dataset goes back to the Confederation, and is still being updated annually with recent election, but also includes data candidates’ information such as unique identifiers, names, ridings, age, gender, occupation, party, vote share, Indigenous origins, and identification with the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, and many more. We are very proud to have had Semra as a researcher of the Chair and wish her all the best at the University of Toronto where she will join the Political Science Department as a incoming Assistant Professor in 2023.

Details about her award can be found here. You can also find her dataset on the Harvard University Dataverse.

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