Compulsory voting

Peer reviewed articles

Compulsory Voting Rules, Reluctant Voters and Ideological Proximity Voting

Abstract Political theorists have argued that democracies should strive for high turnout, leading to an argument for the introduction of compulsory voting, one of the surest ways to increase turnout. Others have warned that this obligation comes at a cost of lower quality votes. We investigate these claims by examining the impact of compulsory voting […] Read more

Peer reviewed articles

Compulsory Voting, Inequality, and Quality of the Vote

  Abstract   Democratic elections imply that the electorate holds incumbents accountable for past performance, and that voters select the party that is closest to their own political preferences. Previous research shows both elements require political sophistication. A number of countries throughout the world have a system of compulsory voting, and this legal obligation boosts […] Read more