Workshop: European elections and attitudes towards the European Union

From 20 to 22 May 2019, Laurie Beaudonnet (Jean Monnet Centre Montréal) and Ruth Dassonneville (Canada Research Chair in Electoral Democracy) co-organized an acedemic workshop on European election and attitudes toward the Union.

Speakers included, besides the organizers themselves, Jae-Jae Spoon (University of Pittsburgh), Joost van Spanje (University of Amsterdam), Katjana Gattermann (University of Amsterdam) and Daniel Stockemer (University of Ottawa). Several graduate students at Université de Montréal or the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship presented and/or discussed papers during the workshop.

Presentations touched on hot subjects like the rise of right-wing populists party in Europe, the lack of responsiveness from governments and how new political parties tackle issues usually championed by established parties. These subjects were particularly interesting considering that far right movements made great gains in the last European elections. 

Photo: Ruth Dassonneville presenting her paper on Europe and Satisfaction with Democracy, co-authored with Michael S. Lewis-Beck and Alexandra Jabbour. Photo credit: Fernando Feitosa.

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