Electoral Chairs’ Seminars – April 17th

On the same page? Black voters in Canada and the United Kingdom: A comparative study with African-Americans 

Nadjim Fréchet – PhD Candidate at Université de Montréal

American political science literature shows that African-Americans form one of the most consistent voting blocs in Western democracies. If elite mobilization and a common historical background can explain African-Americans’ political behavior, it is less clear for black voters in Canada or the United Kingdom. Many political cleavages, like language in Canada or regionality or class in the United Kingdom, could potentially foster political division among Black voters in these countries. With data from the Canadian and British Election Studies, this article evaluates if the prominent political cleavages in Canada and the United Kingdom divide Black voters into different political blocs. This article also compares Canadian and British Black voters to African-Americans with data from the American Election Study. 

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