Séminaire de mardi - 2 juin 2020

Mardi 2 juin 2020 : Florence Vallée-Dubois (Université de Montréal). « Are Seniors Winning the Democratic Game? ». Sur Zoom, 12h-13h. Contactez semra.sevi@umontreal.ca si vous souhaitez assister à la présentation.


Résumé (en anglais) : The study of dyadic representation has confirmed that elected representatives are particularly responsive to the interests of specific subgroups of the population, such as wealthier citizens. However, there has not been widespread interest for the representation of senior constituents by their legislators. This is surprising, because seniors are making up a larger and larger share of the population of many countries, and they are also more likely to participate in elections. In this paper, I make use of a parliamentary speech data from the Canadian House of Commons to analyse the congruence between constituencies' age composition and how members of Parliament speak about seniors and policies that are geared towards older citizens, like old-age pensions. 


La présentation sera donnée en français.


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