Winter School on Elections

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About the school

Elections and voting behaviour are central topics in political science. This line of research calls for sophisticated research, both from a theoretical and a methodological point of view. The high-quality standards in the field imply that there is a need for specific training for PhD students working on these topics. The Leuven-Montréal Winter School addresses this need by offering a program focused on theories and methods in the study of elections and voting behaviour. The Winter School is organized jointly by the universities of Montréal and Leuven, and is based on the expertise of these universities and other well-known scholars on elections and voting behaviour.

The school is supported by the ECPR Standing Group on Public Opinion and Voting Behaviour in a Comparative Perspective, the Centre for the Study of Democratic Citizenship, and the Interuniversity Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR).

More information on the most recent edition

The most recent edition of the Winter School took place in 2020, in Montreal. The full program of that edition can be found here.

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