Tuesday Seminar – 26 May, 2020

Tuesday May 26, 2020: Chan Ka Ming (Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich). “The Persuasion Effect and Contrast Effect of Radical Right Voters – the case of Germany.” On Zoom, 12h-13h. Contact semra.sevi@umontreal.ca if you would like to join. Abstract: During the 2013-2017 electoral cycle, Alternative for Germany (AfD) emerged as a radical right party in the electoral market and […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 19 May, 2020

​​UPCOMING TALKS Tuesday May 19, 2020: Evelyne Brie (University of Pennsylvania). “Politicization of Regional Cleavages: Explaining the Resurging Salience of the East-West Divide in Germany.” On Zoom, 12h-13h. Contact semra.sevi@umontreal.ca if you would like to join. Abstract (in French): Depuis 1990, d’importants efforts politiques ont été déployés pour réduire les disparités économiques entre l’Allemagne de l’Est et l’Allemagne de […] Read more


ICPSR Scholarships awarded to Alexandra Jabbour and Philippe Mongrain

Two members of the Canada Research Chair in Electoral Democracy were awarded scholarships from the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR). Alexandra Jabbour was awarded a Clifford C. Clogg Scholarship from the ICPSR for the ICPSR Summer Program in Quantitative Methods of Social Research. Clifford C. Clogg Scholarships are awarded to scholars who […] Read more


PhD scholarships awarded to Alexandra Jabbour, Maxime Coulombe and Philippe Mongrain

The SSHRC and the FRQSC have announced the results of their 2019-2020 PhD scholarship competitions. There was some good news for students at the Chair: Alexandra Jabbour was awarded a scholarship of the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et culture. Maxime Coulombe was awarded a Joseph-Armand-Bombardier PhD scholarship from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 12 May, 2020

UPCOMING TALK Tuesday May 12, 2020: Jérôme Schaefer (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München). “Family Norms and the Gender Turnout Gap.” On Zoom. Contact semra.sevi@umontreal.ca if you would like to join. 12h-13h. Abstract: Gender differences in participation endure in many democracies even though socio-economic differences between men and women have narrowed and the number of female political figures has increased. We contribute to […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 5 May, 2020

UPCOMING TALK Tuesday May 5, 2020: Ameni Mehrez (CEU). “The Moral Foundations of Liberal and Conservative Parties in Post-Revolution Tunisia.” On Zoom. Contact semra.sevi@umontreal.ca if you would like to join. 12h-13h. Abstract: Theories of morality have helped political scientists better understand variation in political ideology and voting behavior. Studies show that while conservatives are more likely to endorse […] Read more


New publication: Logarithmic vs. Linear Visualizations of COVID-19 Cases Do Not Affect Citizens’ Support for Confinement

A new paper by Semra Sevi, Marco Mendoza Aviña, Gabrielle Peloquin-Skulski, Emmanuel Heisbourg, Paola Vegas, Maxime Coulombe, Vincent Arel-Bundock, Peter Loewen, and André Blais is now available online in the Canadian Journal of Political Science. In this article, the authors show, among other things, that visual presentation of COVID-19 progression has no effect on citizens’s […] Read more


New publication: An extraordinary election? A longitudinal perspective of the Québec 2018 election

A new paper by Jean-François Daoust and Alexandra Jabbour is now available online in French Politics. In this article, the authors provide a unique longitudinal perspective of citizens’ vote choice calculus in Quebec provincial elections. The paper is available here.  Abstract: From 1970 to 2018, either the Québec Liberal Party or the Parti Québécois won the […] Read more

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COVID-19 project: Citizens’ attitudes

The project The Chair currently participates in a large-scale comparative project to study citizens’ attitudes under the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this project, panel surveys are fielded in a number of different countries, with a focus on measuring citizens’ political attitudes and their evaluations of how governments are dealing with the crisis. Together with […] Read more

Activities News

Tuesday Seminar – 28 January, 2020

Tuesday January 28, 2020: Jordan Mansell (UQAM), Steven Mock (University of Waterloo), Jinelle Piereder (University of Waterloo), Carter Rhea (UdeM) and Adrienne Tecza (University of Colorado). “New Methods for the Study of Ideology: Field-Test of Cognitive Affective Mapping (CAM’s).” Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Université de Montréal, C-4145, 12h-13h. Abstract: In this study, we conduct the first test of cognitive-affective […] Read more