Electoral Chair’s Seminar – September 20th

Losers’ consent in a deliberative assembly

André Blais – Université de Montréal, Jean-François Daoust – Université de Sherbrooke, Dassonneville, Ruth – Université de Montréal, and Patrick Fournier – Université de Montréal

We examine losers’ reactions to the votes taken in a citizen deliberative assembly. A citizen assembly on issues related to local electoral democracy was organized over a weekend in June 2023 in the city of Longueuil, a relatively large (population of about 250 000) suburb of Montreal, Canada. There were 100 participants, who agreed to devote a full weekend to discussing four potential reforms related to the way local elections are conducted in that city. We measure two different aspects of losers’ consent: in terms of substance and in terms of process. Regarding the substance, we asked the participants a simple and direct question: whether, on each of the votes, the assembly made a good or a bad decision. Regarding the process we asked the participants a simple and direct question about how satisfied they were with the way the assembly was conducted. We are interested in the reactions of those who were on the losing side on the various votes, and we compare these reactions with those who were on the winning side.

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