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Seminar – November 15, 2019

Friday November 15, 2019: David Hagmann(Harvard Kennedy School). “Persuasion with Motivated Beliefs”. Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Université de Montréal, C-4145, 12h-13h. Abstract : Considerable empirical research finds that people derive utility not only from consumption, but also from their beliefs about themselves and the world. Rather than dispassionately updating their views in response to new information, such belief-based utility […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 12 November, 2019

Tuesday November 12, 2019 : Melanee Thomas (University of Calgary). “What Shapes Attitudes about Energy Transition? Evidence from Alberta”. Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Université de Montréal, C-4145, 12h-13h. Abstract: Energy transition – that is, moving away from fossil fuels as a source of energy to more renewable and sustainable forms – is, according to some scholars, “technically feasible, but politically impossible” […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 29 October, 2019

Tuesday October 29, 2019: André Blais (Université de Montréal), Semra Sevi (Université de Montréal), and Clifton van der Linden (McMaster University). “Who supports electoral reform?” Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Université de Montréal, C-4145, 12h-13h. Abstract: Electoral reform has been on the political agenda in Canada since the turn of the millennium. During the 2015 Canadian federal election, Justin Trudeau promised that would be the […] Read more

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2019 Canadian Federal Election – Forecasts for the Incumbent Party

THE CANADA ELECTION NOWCASTER  ———————————————————————————- FINAL FORECAST FOR: OCTOBER 2019 (41.23%) ———————————————————————————– Post-election update: The 2019 election has proven to be quite harsh for the model, producing its second highest error (around eight percentage points) over the 1953-2019 period. Although I will look more deeply into this in the coming weeks, the SNC-Lavalin scandal and […] Read more


New publication: Polarized partisanship, over-stability and partisan bias in Turkey

A new paper by Semih Çakır is now available online in Turkish Studies. In this article, the author investigates the role of partisanship in Turkey during the 2011 and 2015 general elections. The paper is available here. Abstract: A vast literature demonstrates that partisanship has a stabilizing impact on politics, as it limits electoral volatility. Recent […] Read more


Tuesday Seminar – 15 October, 2019

Upcoming Talk Tuesday October 15, 2019: Philippe Mongrain (Université de Montréal), Richard Nadeau (Université de Montréal), and Bruno Jérôme (Université Paris II Panthéon-Assas). “Playing the synthesizer with Canadian data: Adding polls to a structural forecasting model“. Pavillon Lionel-Groulx, Université de Montréal, C-4145, 12h-13h. Abstract: Election forecasting has become a fixture of election campaigns in a […] Read more