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Infographics : POL3015 A18

Last term, I asked students enrolled in my undergrad course on elections (POL3015), to create infographics. In these infographics, they explained a concept in the field of electoral studies. The students created infographics on many different topics, such as the concept of economic voting, compulsory voting, women suffrage, amongst others. Below are some examples of […] Read more


First edition of the Political Behavior Seminar for Doctoral Students

The first edition of the Political Behavior Seminar for Doctoral Students took place on Thursday, November 8, at the University of Montreal. This seminar gives the opportunity for advanced doctoral students to present their work and to benefit from the comments of professors and students. Members of the Chair – Alexandra Jabbour, Semih Cakir, Phillipe […] Read more

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Brève réflexion sur les résultats de l’élection québécoise de 2018 : deux victoires et une défaite et demie

par Philippe Mongrain À la veille de l’élection québécoise du 1er octobre 2018, la plupart des sondages et des projections laissaient croire à la formation d’un gouvernement caquiste ou libéral minoritaire (voir L’élection québécoise de 2018). Or, le parti de François Legault a rapidement distancé ses adversaires.   Sur bien des plans, l’élection de 2018 […] Read more